Rather than going speech-by-speech or metrical line-by- metrical line, enter the text sentence-by-sentence: stop when you reach a period, exclamation point, question mark, or semicolon. Note that we have considered semicolons as a terminal punctuation mark.

Venus and Adonis

Poet: 1.1

About Digital Acting Parts
In the early modern period, rather than having access to a full-text play, actors learned their lines using “Actors’ parts,” hastily handwritten documents that provided them with only their cues and lines. Traditionally, today’s actors learn their lines from full-text plays, without any computer assistance. Digital Acting Parts (DAP) is an online environment that both mimics and enhances the early modern acting experience in order to facilitate actors learning their lines. DAP is the first project to give users an interactive experience with an early-modern-inspired “actor’s part,” which encourages both active reading and memorization, in turn leading to a better understanding of the texts themselves.

Voice Input

If you would like to speak your text rather than type it, please use Google Chrome as a browser to open the site. Then click on the microphone icon to speak your text. Make sure your device's microphone is turned on.


Digital Acting Parts works with desktop computers, portable tablets and phones - meaning you can practice your lines anywhere you have Internet connectivity.