Cymbeline - Act 5, Scene 4
Character: First_Brother

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Cue lines:
Sicilius_Leonatus: Hath my poor boy done aught but well, Whose face I never saw?
I died whilst in the womb he stay'd Attending nature's law: Whose father then, as men report Thou orphans' father art, Thou shouldst have been, and shielded him From this earth-vexing smart.
Mother: Lucina lent not me her aid, But took me in my throes;
That from me was Posthumus ript, Came crying 'mongst his foes, A thing of pity!
Sicilius_Leonatus: Great nature, like his ancestry, Moulded the stuff so fair, That he deserved the praise o' the world, As great Sicilius' heir.