Cymbeline - Act 5, Scene 4
Character: Messenger

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Line number in the scene: 114
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Cue lines:
First_Gaoler: I have not seen him so pictured: you must either be directed by some that take upon them to know, or do take upon yourself that which I am sure you do not know, or jump the after inquiry on your own peril: and how you shall speed in your journey's end, I think you'll never return to tell one.
Posthumus_Leonatus: I tell thee, fellow, there are none want eyes to direct them the way I am going, but such as wink and will not use them.
First_Gaoler: What an infinite mock is this, that a man should have the best use of eyes to see the way of blindness!
I am sure hanging's the way of winking.
(stage_directions): [Enter a Messenger]