Cymbeline - Act 5, Scene 4
Character: Mother

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Cue lines:
Posthumus_Leonatus: leading in his hand an ancient matron, his wife, and mother to Posthumus Leonatus, with music before them: then, after other music, follow the two young Leonati, brothers to Posthumus Leonatus, with wounds as they died in the wars.
They circle Posthumus Leonatus round, as he lies sleeping]
Sicilius_Leonatus: No more, thou thunder-master, show Thy spite on mortal flies: With Mars fall out, with Juno chide, That thy adulteries Rates and revenges.
Hath my poor boy done aught but well, Whose face I never saw?
I died whilst in the womb he stay'd Attending nature's law: Whose father then, as men report Thou orphans' father art, Thou shouldst have been, and shielded him From this earth-vexing smart.